Technology Intern

Noopur Patel

Hello! my name is Noopur and I am a junior majoring in Finance with a minor in Business Analytics. I joined UWN in 2020 as a member. The reason why I decided to join UWN is that I want to surround myself with aspiring minds ,I have always had a passion for women’s empowerment but I wasn’t sure of all the ways I can contribute which is why I was very happy to accept this position as I wanted to help in whatever way I could .

Philanthropy Intern

Sanjana Penathur

Hey! I am Sanjana. Currently I am doing my master of science in finance program. I hope to join as a financial planner and analyst after I graduate. I joined UWN because it is a great way to network with peers and professionals, and the organization values are in line with that of mine. I look forward to performing my duties in the philanthropy department.

Membership Intern

Anika Haridas

Hello! My name is Anika Haridas and I am currently a first year business student at UIC. I am looking forward to perusing a career in Human Resources because I love working with other people. I joined UWN to fully immerse myself with a group of powerful women and to gain inspiration and motivation during my college experience. This semester, I am excited to be a UWN’s membership intern and meet some amazing people!

Marketing Intern

Gabrielle Voltolina

Hello my name is Gabrielle Voltolina and I am a junior majoring in Information and Decision Sciences with a concentration in Supply Chain and Management. My first semester at UIC was Fall 2020 and I joined UWN as a member. I knew when I joined I wanted to be involved. I am glad to be apart of an organization that empowers women in business and I cannot wait for the future of UWN!

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