Executive Board


Executive Board 

Akanksha (Ash) Chaudhari

My name is Akanksha Chaudhari, also Ash for short, and I am a Sophomore double majoring in Finance and Information Decision Sciences and minoring in Economics and the President for UWN this year. My goal is to make big strides in the banking world, put my love for numbers and programming to good use, while also becoming a CFO or CEO for a great cause one day. I aspire to break the glass ceiling for women in the professional world and inspire women to realize that the power of determination and hard work will help them transcend labels and stereotypes they may face. I am always excited to work with the ambitious and talented students at UIC and hope to make UWN a home to serve every need of every pre-professional seeking success and advocating for work place equality. If you succeed, I succeed, thus I am always available to meet up for coffee and get you all the support you need to succeed. Feel free to reach out @ achaud42@uic.edu.

Vice President
Reece Fisher

My name is Reece Fisher and I am majoring in Entrepreneurship and Finance. I have a passion for women’s empowerment and helping others, and I believe strongly in the mission of UWN. I hope one day to become a public sector consultant, causing me to pursue a minor of urban studies. I am proud to be a hard worker with a good work ethic, and I am always up for a challenge. I look forward to a great year with UWN, and I am excited for what is to come.

Nidhi Nellore

My name is Nidhi Nellore. I am a Junior majoring in Information and Decision Sciences with Data Analytics concentration. I am looking forward to this year in Undergraduate Women’s Network as the Historian. I joined UWN recently and I already have all of the strong and hardworking women by my side helping me through my personal and professional journey at UIC. I’m very excited to contribute my work and passion for photography to this amazing organization. Reach me at nnello2@uic.edu and feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and/or social media! 

Shurook Shehadeh

I am a raising sophomore. I joined UWN in my second semester of my freshmen year, and I am so glad that I decided to join it. Every event brings light into my day. I want to contribute to that light and allow other individuals to be impacted by it.

Shabistha Mohammed

Hi everyone!! My name’s Shabistha, but feel free to call me Shab. I am a sophomore studying Accounting, and fashion is my passion. It’s no surprise that many industries are primarily flooded by men, and I want to change that. I want to see a FEMALE PRESIDENT in my life time! Since this won’t happen by itself, I am a strong advocate for empowering women and providing them with the appropriate tools for success. Through UWN I hope to be a beacon of support for my peers and any woman that needs a boost. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to talk about anything!

Director of Philanthropy
Zainub Siddiqui

Hi, my name is Zainab Siddiqui. I’m a senior majoring in Management with a focus on leadership. I am also a Business Scholar here at UIC and am serving as the Director of Philanthropy for UWN. I have always loved event planning, volunteering, and meeting new people in the process. Personally, anything that involves food or fashion is a yes from me! I’m thrilled to join the talented individuals at this organization in creating and achieving community-focused initiatives. I look forward to helping UWN grow and empower the women around us. Feel free to reach me on LinkedIn with ideas, feedback, or simply to grab a cup of coffee!

Director of Technology
Jean Kao

Hello! My name is Jean Kao and I am a senior in Information and Decision Science and minor in Finance. I am from Taiwan and as an international student far away from home, living in a brand-new environment and speaking another language is not easy. This is the main reason why I joined UWN. I got more chances to network with people and meet new friends. UWN is an organization that inspires people, everyone is full of positive energy and I really feel like I belong in this big family. Being part of UWN also gave me chances to network with people and business professionals, explore new opportunities and learn from each other.

Director of Communication
Asma Ahmed

“Hi, my name is Asma Ahmed and I am a freshman pursuing a degree in Information and Decision Sciences with a Management Information concentration. With a knack for strategizing, I hope to take the skillsets I learn throughout my college career to work in a product development setting. I am excited to work with a team of positive, like minded women who help each other reach their goals. I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to plan events and network along the way!”

Director of Membership
Arielynne Arana

Hey everyone! My name is Arielynne Arana and I am a sophomore at UIC majoring in Marketing. I am looking forward to this year in Undergraduate Women’s Network as the Director of Membership. I cannot wait to plan business events and fun social events. I’m super excited to contribute my work ethic and passion in this amazing organization. In fact, I am an active member for UIC CHAARG and I was a Social Committee Member for the Spring of 2019. CHAARG has allowed me to strengthened my leadership skills and I hope to encourage more people to attend the events we have planned in order for people to grasp important life lessons and meet new people. In my free time, I like to work out at the rec center to stay fit! My email is aarana4@uic.edu so feel free to reach out to me if you need a workout buddy or want to grab some food! I’m so glad to be apart of UWN that empowers women in various ways and I hope you get the same experience as I did during my first semester!

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