Committee Members

Vice Chair of Vice President
Manyata Awasthi

H! I’m Manyata Awasthi. I’m currently a Sophomore Business Scholars student double majoring in Information-Decision Sciences and Finance. I have a dream to start my own Non-Profit for Women Empowerment one day, hence my keen interest in UWN. I have a passion to serve to the community, which drove me to serve UWN as Vice Chair Vice President and am really excited to be a part of this organization. I look forward to work with talented and beautiful members of UWN, learn from them and make new friends while on board!

Vice Chair of Technology
Sundus Shafqat

“Hi, my name is Sundus Shafqat and I am a Junior majoring in Information and Decision Sciences with a minor in Finance. I recently joined UWN and will be serving as the Vice Chairman of technology. Personally, I feel this organization is much more than just networking and internship opportunities. I have met some great people and built some great relationships here.

Vice Chair of Philanthropy
Nabeeha Latif

Hi! My name is Nabeeha Latif. I’m currently a sophomore double majoring in Finance and Information-Decision Sciences, with a minor in Managerial Skills. I’m a business scholar, honors college student, member of Make Mondays Matter, and retail store associate. I have a passion for community service so over the past couple years, I’ve accumulated about 500 service hours working with several organizations. My passion drove me to becoming the Vice Chair of Philanthropy for UWN. Also, I’m a big foodie so hit me up if you wanna explore the city and eat! I’m excited to work with all the beautiful UWN members, make some memories, and give back to the community together!

Vice Chair of Marketing
Neeraja Kunte

Hi, my name is Neeraja Kunte! I am currently a Sophomore pursuing a major in Marketing and a minor in International Business. I am a part of the UIC Business Scholars program and am excited to be a part of this organization as well. I joined UWN recently and am already impressed by all of the strong and smart women who are a part of this organization. I hope to learn from them, apply those skills in my everyday life, and make new friends in the process!

Vice Chair of Communications
Jasmine Nguyen

Hi! My name is Jasmine Nguyen and I am a junior majoring in business marketing. My passions include traveling, staying active, and fashion, among many others. I am always seeking new opportunities to learn and grow; my goal in life would be to travel the world while doing what I love. This year’s e-board is composed of highly talented women, all of which I am ecstatic to work with and am confident that a great deal will be accomplished. Reach me at and feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or social media!

Vice Chair of Membership
Yoomi Lee

Hi, my name is Yoomi Lee. I am a junior at the University of Illinois at Chicago pursuing a degree in Accounting. One day, I hope to achieve my goal of working at one of the Big Four accounting firms after I pass my CPA exam. I have always been passionate about working with numbers, so I am really excited about this long journey! Other than numbers, I also enjoy traveling and taking pictures!

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