Committee Members

Vice Chair of Vice President
Liliana Pinedo

Pinedo 7

“Hi, I am Liliana Pinedo. I am a junior studying Information and Decision Sciences with a minor in International Business. This will be my third year as part of UWN and I am excited to continue working with all the members and to see UWN grow. I enjoy reading, shopping and watching shows, especially telenovelas.”






Vice Chair of Treasury

Ehlimana Gutosic

Headshot (1).JPG“Hi, my name is Ehlimana Gutosic. I am a junior at the University of Illinois at Chicago double majoring in Accounting and Information and Decision Sciences. I am a first generation college student, a member of the Business Scholars program and Honors College, President of the Collegiate Association of Business Scholars and Vice Chair of Treasury for the Undergraduate Women’s Network. In my free time, I enjoy reading, exploring Chicago and trying new foods. Upon graduation, I plan to sit for the CPA exam and work for one of the Big Four Accounting firms in Chicago. With self-motivation, hard work, and dedication, I plan to achieve these goals of mine. I am so excited to network and be a part of such an amazing organization that empowers Women in Business!”

Vice Chair of Treasury
Ania Wojtaszek

DSC_1809-01_2-01.jpeg “Hi, my name is Ania Wojtaszek and I’m a Junior studying Accounting and Information and Decision Sciences with a Business Analytics concentration. I have been involved with a few organizations on campus such as the Polish American Student Association, Undergraduate Student Government, and currently the Business Student Advisory Board. I will be serving as a Vice Chair of Treasury on the UIC Undergraduate Women’s Network and am extremely excited to see how many wonderful, passionate, female intellectuals UWN will continue developing throughout it’s upcoming commitments and mentorships in the UIC community! Some of my hobbies include being creative with sketching, learning to play guitar, practicing playing on keyboard, playing tennis, and spending time with family and friends.”

Vice Chair of Philanthropy
Olivia Baginski


“Hi, I am Olivia Baginski. I am currently a sophomore and Vice Chair to Philanthropy. I am a Communication and English major, and minoring in Gender Women Studies. I joined UWN because of their powerful mentality, in supporting and listening to other women, and energy. In my free time, I often go out to watch movies or binge television shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”





Vice Chair of Philanthropy
Mahreen Iqbal


“Hello, my name is Mai and I am a psychology major with a minor in business administration and anthropology. My role in this committee is I will be working with Naba Durrani, who is the UWN director of Philanthropy, and organize various events. Like many others I also hope to gain more experience and skills but also I look forward to working with the committee members and taking on a new challenge which different from the path I was taking before. Taking on this new path excites me and I am eager to learn new things.”

Vice Chair of Technology
Nusrat Waris

Waris 5.JPG

“Hi, I am Nusrat Waris. I am a junior at UIC studying Information and Decision Sciences with a minor in Psychology. My goal is to one day work in the IT Project Management field where I can empower women professionals. I also plans to get my master’s degree in clinical psychology, so I can help tackle mental health stigmas in minority communities. In my free time, I enjoy writing, reading, and watching anything Marvel Superhero related.”

Vice Chair of Technology
Luna Awad

headshot“My name is Luna Awad, I am currently a junior pursuing a degree in information and decision sciences with a concentration in Management of Information systems and a minor in Business Analytics. . I am very passionate about supporting future women leaders in pursuing and achieving their dreams and I believe that my involvement with The Undergraduate Women’s Network is the best first step that I have taken to pursue my passion in empowering women leaders in UIC. I also love meeting new people and networking when it comes to the business industry. With that being said, please feel free to reach out to me whether you want to learn more about UWN, or get some tips about the business industry or even just want a friend to talk to 🙂 –  my email:”

Vice Chair of Marketing
Hareem Khaliq

Hareem pic

“Hi everyone, my name is Hareem Khaliq. I am currently a junior pursuing an Accounting and Information Decision Science as my majors. I am thrilled to be on board as a Vice Chair of Marketing of UWN. The experiences I have attained so far have enhanced my vision and broadened my horizon; having said that, I can’t wait to utilize my expertise and help other women empower with the best of their abilities. Feel free to reach out to me at all times at,

Vice Chair of Marketing

Zainub Ghias

Zainub Ghias.“Hello Everyone! My name is Zainub Ghias. I am currently a senior at UIC pursuing  a degree in in Marketing and a minor in Business Analytics. I have past experience working with MailChimp, Canva, Adobe Photoshop for creating different marketing materials for events.
I work to build relationships with my peers and professionals, while developing fundamental industrial skills from relative coursework, employment experiences, and campus organization involvement. My past work and volunteering experiences have helped me to grow as a person as well as learn useful skills that aren’t so easily learned in classes. I am analytical and a hard worker, with passion for marketing and business analytics. I am passionate to learn more about digital media strategy and all that encompasses modern day marketing, creating communities, and providing audiences with engaging content.”

Vice Chair of Communications




Vice Chair of Communications
Stephanie Owens
Stephanie Owens
Hi everyone, my name is Stephanie Owens. I am currently a full time intern for WEC Energy Group- People’s Gas division. I have been a student at UIC since Fall of 2017, prior to UIC I was attending College of Dupage where I was a member of Phi Theta Kappa. I enjoy dogs, long walks on the beach, social media and pizza. I hope to make it to Forbes one day.”





Vice Chair of Membership
Johanna Robles


“Hi, my name is Johanna Robles. I am a sophomore at UIC, where I am finishing my first semester as a transfer student. I am working hard toward becoming a Certified Public Accountant and will be graduating with my bachelor’s degree in May 2020. I am currently an active member of the Accounting Club and the ALPFA chapter at UIC. From a very young age, I knew I wanted to go into the business area. I helped with my father’s global money wire transfer company and was fascinated with what it takes to operate a successful business.  In the future, I hope to help my father expand his business as well as help my local community with my financial knowledge. When I am not reading about Latin American news, I am volunteering at the Spanish Community Center and organizing events with my organization Next Generation Latinx.”

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