Committee Members

Vice Chair of Marketing
Gabi Moberly

Hi! My name is Gabi and I am a junior majoring in marketing with a double minor in business analytics and sociology. I have always had a passion for women’s empowerment but I wasn’t sure of all the ways I can contribute. UWN helped me find ways to strive for equality while getting to hang out with a great group of people. I love UWN because of all the connections I have made and I am so proud to be a part of an organization that does their part to empower women and create a better society.

Vice Chair of Communications
Zainub Haveliwala

Hi! My name is Zainub Haveliwala and I am a sophomore majoring in Management and minoring in Religious Studies and Public Policy. I am excited for the opportunity to serve as your Communications Vice-Chair, and to work alongside so many wonderful women! When I’m not reading or writing, I love to travel and paint. After college, I hope to attend law school, and open my own nonprofit firm one day! I’m looking forward to seeing what this year will hold and am so excited to be part of such an amazing organization. Feel free to reach out to me on Linkedin or social media, or just send me an email at

Vice Chair of Philanthropy
Olivia Porcaro

My name is Olivia Porcaro and I am the Vice Chair of Philanthropy here at United Women’s Network. I am a junior majoring in Finance and minoring in Business Analytics. I am also a member of Beta Alpha Psi and Algorithmic Trading Group.

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