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Welcome UWN Members!

You are now part of an amazing organization that truly cares about what is best for you. We believe in the empowerment of others so that everyone is able to achieve their potential! That is why the Undergraduate Women’s Network wants to provide a mentor for you. All the leaders of UWN have taken matters into their own hands to evolve this organization into something that every single member will benefit from. That is why we have all agreed to be mentors for all of you. We know what it is like to feel lost with no idea where to seek help from and the struggle of not making the correct decisions. We do not want you to go through the same things we went through, rather we want to help create great experiences. We want to be there for you and guide you through your college experience. Not only that, we want you to be part of a family that can help you professionally and academically throughout your college experience.
UWN Board Members

Our Mission

The internal mentorship program offers UWN members the opportunity to create a relationship with an e-Board or Committee member to support and assist new students feel a sense of belonging to their peer group and to UIC. The program will provide UWN members (the mentees) a “go-to” (the mentor) as all members will have access to someone (the mentor) which they can relate to and receive advice from throughout the semester.

Bridging the Gap Program Handbook

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