Accenture Alumni Panel

Accenture has been a leading consulting and services company and a Fortune Global 500 company for many years now. Did you know they just recently started recruiting at UIC? This is your chance to come get your foot in the door and meet some UIC Alums who are at Accenture now! They want to share their stories as well as hear yours. 

Date: October 9th, 2019 
Time: 5:30-6:30 pm 
Location: Lecture Center A5

Spotlight Member of the Month: Brenda Ulloa

Our spotlight member of August is Brenda Ulloa. Brenda is the current Undergraduate Women’s Network Vice President and is also an active member of UIC’s ALPFA chapter. Earlier this month, Brenda traveled to the ALPFA convention in Las Vegas, Nevada and competed in the KPMG Case Study Event and placed Third with her group. Here is her statement on her experience at the convention.
Brenda Ulloa

“Winning third place nationally, connecting with different companies, and interviewing for KPMG was an amazing experience, but the biggest thing I got out of the convention was realizing the support UIC has given me and how that has been the biggest factor on to why I have been successful to this point.

Having my teammates ask me, “Are all those people here for you?”, opened my eyes to see how lucky I am to be a part of a school that supports their students in all of their successes.

I went to the ALPFA Convention with the idea that I could not be afraid. That I had to do things that I was normally not ok with doing. As a result of that, I got third place nationally in the KPMG Case Study Competition, I attended that career fair and connected with different companies, and I had the opportunity to interview with KPMG. Not only did I do things I was usually not comfortable with, I realized that the professionals I was once scared to talk to are normal human beings like us.”

Brenda exemplifies what UWN stands for- Strong, intellectual women, who strive to achieve greatness anywhere they go. We are so proud of Brenda and everything she has accomplished this month and that is why she is our Spotlight Member for August!



The purpose of the organization is to foster an empowering community of women pursuing their Undergraduate studies at UIC, to offer developmental resources and exposure to professionals, and to engage students in an ongoing dialogue about the unique challenges and opportunities facing women in business in the 21st century.  

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