Spotlight Member of April: Arielynne Arana

Our spotlight member of April is Arielynne Arana! Arielynne is a new member of UWN and lately has been showing a lot of interest in UWN by attending our events and making a great impact on our organization. Arielynne has been noticed by our board as a member whose commitment and enthusiasm to UWN is exemplary. Find out what drew Arielynne to UWN and what drives her to be the best member she can be.

IMG_4474This organization has a powerful message to ensure that women gain a sense of empowerment which is what caught my interest. There are many reasons why I joined UWN: to meet new people and be surrounded by a great support system of empowering women. Most importantly, I wanted to gain more knowledge in a business professional environment. UWN has made a positive impact on my life because it has given me opportunities to be able to improve my networking skills. Attending the Women in Business event was an eye-opening experience for me because it allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and gain more confidence in myself. I’m looking forward to more networking events and bonding with the members at the UWN events. UWN has truly made my first year at UIC a memorable experience! I always look forward to attending the events and I hope that everyone feels as empowered as I am!”– Arielynne Arana


We are so grateful to have dedicated members such as Arielynne. It is her type of constant passion and efforts in supporting our mission, that drives us to present great opportunities for our members such as Networking Coffee Hours, Site Visits, Panels, etc. 

Arielynne Arana, Spotlight Member of April!

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