Spotlight Member of January: Bruna Tavares

Our spotlight member of January, is Bruna Tavares! Bruna is an honor student as well as a Business Scholar here at UIC. Her sense of dedication reaches far beyond her academics and is evident in her enthusiasm towards The Undergraduate Women’s Network. Bruna has consistently been making efforts to be more active and has even stepped up to take more leadership roles. UWN relies on the support of members like Bruna and we are more than happy to acknowledge her commitment to UWN by recognizing her as our Spotlight Member. Here is a quote from Bruna about her reason for being involved in UWN.

bruna tavares“I joined the Undergraduate Women’s Network to surround myself with motivated young women who all have the power to take over the world someday, and what I ended up getting was a caring and strong community of beautiful ladies who truly embody the spirit behind the saying “empowered women empower women.” Through UWN, I’ve had the opportunity to grow as a leader while gaining inspiration from everyone around me in the organization! I can’t wait to continue my participation in UWN throughout my time here at UIC and continue to empower, as well as be empowered, by amazing and powerful ladies in the Chicago community! I hope to someday help UWN take its impact outside of just the UIC community and to our amazing city of Chicago!”- Bruna Tavares

We are so grateful to have dedicated members such as Bruna It is her type of constant passion and efforts in supporting our mission, that drives us to present great opportunities for our members such as Networking Coffee Hours, Site Visits as well as our Women in Business Conference that will take place during the spring semester of 2019.

Bruna Tavares, Spotlight Member of January!

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