Spotlight Member of November: Akanksha ‘Ash’ Chaudhari

Our spotlight member of  November is Akanksha ‘Ash’ Chaudhari! Ash is a Freshman here at UIC and has shown interest in the Undergraduate Women’s Network this semester. She is very excited about Joining UWN and like so many of our members, she felt the positive energy radiating out of our members when she visited us in our first meeting of the semester. Asha also has a great personality and already started bonding with her mentor and other UWN members. Take a look at what Akanksha has to say about UWN and being Novembers’s Spotlight Member of the Month!


“I am so honored to be chosen as the November member of the month! Though I’ve only been part of UWN for half a semester, I already feel such an enthusiastic sense of belonging and love for the club. The members I’ve gotten to interact with and the events that are held, and even simply the meetings bring me so much joy to interacting with beautifully kind and motivated women. Coming to the first meeting, I was very impressed at the atmosphere I was part of and that kept me very interested and active in the events and meetings UWN has had like the Caterpillar recruiter panel, Hot Chocolate run volunteering, and the Period Project kit making. 
UWN has influenced me in so many helpful ways. I have a mentor from UWN – Ania – and I have other mentors from other clubs as well. But having a fellow girl, student, and friend help out in my questions even about the simplest things has been so so comforting. I never hesitate to ask her even the smallest questions and also came to be involved in other clubs she hosts. And even bonding with members from different and similar backgroundsat the events has been very enjoyable and makes my first semester here at UIC so much more memorable. 
Another great thing about UWN is the philanthropy events and projects. Im specifically looking forward to helping out in the period project because it addresses such an important yet unnoticed need to help out with. Being in a club dedicated to help women from all majors and backgrounds succeed and feel supported was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made. Im very grateful for UWN already. ”

We are so grateful to have dedicated members such as, Ash. It is her type of constant passion and efforts in supporting our mission, that drives us to present great opportunities like the Caterpillar Recruiter Panel and philonthropy events such as the ‘ Care for Chicago’ event for our members.

Keep up the great work, Akanksha!

Akanksha Chaudhari, Spotlight Member of November!

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